One Credit Option, Online Classes, and Summer School

Arrow Academic Center offers credit through Academy Northwest to high school students needing to complete a single class.  This can be accomplished through our “One Credit Option” during the school semester or during Summer School.

  • Students can complete 1/2 or 1 credit in a single semester through this program.
  • Most local public and private schools readily accept our credit, and the credit earned is transcripted to the enrolled school.
  • This service is helpful for students needing to retake a core class required for graduation or who can’t fit a required class into their schedule.
  • It is an alternative approach with small class sizes or one-on-one instruction.
  • Online, one-credit math classes may also be taken through our center.

These classes are available to any student and do not require full enrollment in Arrow Academic Center.  Call us at 425-949-5414 or email: for more information


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