Why Arrow Academic Center

  • Our Teacher Consultants are Academy Northwest trained and approved to provide  a quality educational environment.  Our purpose is to support the homeschooling adventure  while aiming to achieve a Christ-centered, sound educational experience for all students.
  • Our center offers a wide range of on-site classes for small groups of students covering traditional core subjects.  Additionally, specialized classes are offered in areas such as upper-division math, computer science, technology and information literacy.
  • Our Teacher Consultants assist parents in selecting suitable curriculum adapted to the student’s learning style and academic needs.
  • All instruction is non-denominational and faith-based, dedicated to supporting families as they train their children in faith, character and academic excellence.
  • All full-time students have the opportunity to participate in Academy Northwest’s all-school activities such as outdoor school or social events, as well as graduation.
  • Our enrolled families can take advantage of Academy Northwest classes such as the Able to Teach class or several webinars offering support and ideas for homeschooling.

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